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Friday, May 7, 2021

Real Estate Recording Guide
UCC Filing Guide
Laws & Customs
Fee Splits
Document Execution
Title Digests A-J
Title Digests L-Z
Trustees (CTIC)
Rate Filing
Conveyance Forms
Encumbrance Forms
Customary Closing Entity
Table/Non-Table Funding
Commitment Issuance
Invoice Issuance
Mortgage Tax - Yes/No?
Transfer Tax - Yes/No?
Transfer Tax - Leaseholds
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Addresses Required?
Corporate Executions
Notary Seal/Stamp
Personally Identifiable Information
Power of Attorney - Signature Blocks
Preparer Requirements
Real Estate Tax Index Number
Trustees - Who May Serve
Adverse Possession
Alien Land Ownership
Community Property
Covenants of Warranty
Decedents Estates
Fund Disbursements
Husband and Wife
Joint Tenancy
Judgments - Money
Limited Liability Company
Limited Liability Partnership
Lis Pendens
Mechanics' Liens
Mortgages/Deeds of Trust
Nonjudicial Foreclosure
Notary Public
Partnership Acts Adopted
Power of Attorney
Recognized Estates
Recognized Tenancies
Tenancy by the Entirety
Tenants - Residential
Uniform Acts Adopted
Trustees - Who May Serve
Trustees - Suggested CTIC (Commercial)
Transfer Tax
Mortgage Tax
Property Tax
Economic/Equity Interest
Withholding Tax
Transfer Tax - Yes/No?
Transfer Tax - Rate
Transfer Tax - Exemptions
Transfer Tax - Form
Transfer Tax - Stamps
Transfer Tax - Minimum Consideration
Transfer Tax - Paid on Purchase Price?
Transfer Tax - Paid By
Transfer Tax - Paid To
Transfer Tax - Certified Check Required?
Transfer Tax - Leaseholds
Transfer Tax - Leases
Transfer Tax - Penalty
Transfer Tax - Policed By
Mortgage Tax - Yes/No?
Mortgage Tax - Rate
Mortgage Tax - Exemptions
Mortgage Tax - Form
Mortgage Tax - Paid By
Mortgage Tax - Paid To
Mortgage Tax - Certified Check Required?
Mortgage Tax - Penalty
Mortgage Tax - Policed By
Property Tax Assessment
Property Tax Bills
Property Tax Dates
Property Tax Paid To
Property Tax Penalties/Interest
Property Tax Rates
Property Tax Sales
Economic/Equity Interest Transfers
Withholding Tax by State
State-Specific Forms
Endorsements - ALTA
Endorsements - CLTA
Endorsements - State Specific
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Electronic Recording by State
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